13th European
Grangeneuve, Switzerland
11 – 13 October 2023
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Poster presentations

Quality & Safety

Q01 - Factors influencing biogenic amine content of European ripened cheeses
(awarded as first runner)
Lívia Darnay, Lill Kristin Moe
University of Veterinary Medicine, Budapest,

Q02 - Every cheese has its own character
Marie-Therese Fröhlich-Wyder, Hans-Peter Bachmann, Remo S. Schmidt
Agroscope, Liebefeld

Q03 - New process for the ripening of cheese
Helena Stoffers, Remo Schmidt, Hans-Peter Bachmann
Agroscope, Liebefeld

Q04 - Vacherin fribourgeois AOP: Consumer study shows popularity of raw-milk cheeses
Barbara Guggenbühl, Edith Beutler, Charlotte Fleuti, Monika Lüscher Bertocco, Hans-Peter Bachmann
Agroscope, Liebefeld

Q05 - Influence of the season on the level of biogenic amines in Vacherin Fribourgeois PDO
Matthias Dreier, Hans-Peter Bachmann, Monika Lüscher Bertocco, Remo S. Schmidt

Q06 - The force at fracture in semi-hard cheese depends on the milk treatment and the season
Matthias Dreier, Dominik Guggisberg, Hans-Peter Bachmann, Monika Lüscher Bertocco, Remo S. Schmidt
Agroscope, Liebefeld

Q07 - Microbiological safety of raw milk yoghurt
Walter Bisig, Jasmin Berger, Jörg Hummerjohann, Hans-Peter Bachmann
Agroscope, Liebefeld

Q08 - SO’DIFF: Identification of quality markers from Tomme de Savoie to support selection of indigenous microorganisms
Célia Ducrey, Sadia Ouzia, Benoit Basset, Margot Schlusselhuber, Alicia Bertry, Abdoulaye Dieng, Céline Pignol, Nathalie Desmasures, Nadège Bel, Sarah Chuzeville, Jérôme Ledauphin
Actalia, La Roche Sur Foron,

Q09 - Influence of growth temperature on the production of bacteriocins by Lactococcus spp.
Stefano Morandi, Ivano De Noni, Milda Stuknytė, Milena Brasca
Istituto di Scienze delle Produzioni Alimentari, Milano

Q10 - Partnering for innovation in quality and safety in artisan cheese making
Susanne Lauber Fürst, Andrii Bondarchuk, Oleksandr Bondarchuk, Thomas Berger, Ghazal Nemati, Natalia Kagadiy, Oksana Chernova

Q11 - The sensory and microbial diversity of Bernese Alp Cheese
Remo S. Schmidt, Vincent Somerville, Hélène Berthoud, Barbara Guggenbühl, Florian Gschwend, Emmanuelle Arias-Roth

Health effects

H01 - Health impact is the main reason for increased interest for raw milk kefir
Ton Baars, Andre Mulder, Koen Mulder
Raw Milk Company, De Lutte


S01 - Simmentaler Original: The first Swiss cheese
made from the milk of a single cow breed

Marie-Therese Fröhlich-Wyder, Thomas Aeschlimann, Hans Winkler, Hans-Peter Bachmann
Agroscope, Liebefeld

S02 - Selective enrichment of the raw milk microbiota in cheese production: concept of a natural adjunct milk culture
Luca Bettera, Matthias Dreier, Remo S. Schmidt, Monica Gatti, Hélène Berthoud, Hans-Peter Bachmann
Uni Parma, Agroscope, Liebefeld
Italy and Switzerland

S03 - Suitability of organic raw milk for cheesemaking according to seasons
Solange Buchin, Thomas Puech, Odile Rolet-Répécaud, Pascal Barbet, Fabrice Petitpas, Céline Arnould, Marie-Odile Coquillard, Eric Beuvier

S04 - DOCaMEx : Capitalise on Know-How in Geographical Indications
(selected for short presentation)
Nadège Bel, Cécile Charles, Julien Couteaux, Cédric Baudrit, Patrice Buche, Eric Notz, Ronan Lasbleiz
Actalia, La Roche Sur Foron

S05 - The BIO4VERBA project: Preserve the biodiversity of local Verzaschese and Bionda dell’Adamello goat breeds through the enhancement of their productions and the creation of an ex-situ genetic reserve
(selected for short presentation)
Paola Cremonesi, Bianca Castiglioni, Flavia Pizzi, Milena Brasca, Tiziana Silvetti, Stefano Morandi, Simona Tringali, Marco Severgnini, Mattia Crivelli, Claudio Cipolat-Gotet, Gustavo Gandini, Federica Turri
Institute of Agricultural Biology and Biotechnology, Lodi,

Microbial diversity

M01 - Design of an indigenous starter for the production of rocamadour, a french pdo cheese
(awarded as best poster)
C. Couderc, V. Laroute, R. Abi Khalil, M. Codeville, M.-A. Caillaud, G. Jardi, C. Raynaud, M. Cocaign-Bousquet, H. Tormo, M. Mourez and M.-L. Daveran-Mingot
Université de Toulouse, Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Purpan

M03 - Bacterial and botanical diversity of pastures affects the Cantal-type cheese sensory properties
E. Manzocchi, B. Martin, C. Bord, M. Bouchon, J. Bérard, M. Coppa, C. Delbès, I. Verdier-Metz
Université Clermont Auvergne, Aurillac

M04 - Characterization of bacterial communities during bovine raw milk and artisanal uncooked pressed cheese production: Implications for dairy products safety and quality
(awarded as second runner)
Alisia Chiado’ Rana, Charlotte Valat, Géraldine Cazeau, Kevin Béthune, Vincent Chochois, Corinne Teyssier
Qualisud, Université Montpellier

M05 - Heirloom Microbes: Tracing the Diversity of Dairying Bacteria across Eurasia
(selected for short presentation)
Matthäus Rest, Björn Reichhardt, Jessica Hendy, Soninkhishig Tsolmon, Christina Warinner
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig